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YanTai BeiYang Fine Chemicals Co.,Ltd. is located in Penglai, a coastal city known as "Fairyland", which is 50km from Yantai on the east, 220km from Qingdao on the south and opposite Dalian on the north across Liaodong Peninsula. 

BeiYang is a hi-tech company combining R&D, production and sale.Anji has modern laboratories and various production facilities.Many experienced technicians engaged in chemical production.The company can offer our customers good-quality products.Additionally,Anji also has a research team consisting of PHD and MSC,and cooperates with Tianjin university. Thus.The resrach of new products and excellent technics can be offered.


BeiYang focuses on customer satisfaction, keeps on regarding “top quality, honest service” as the company philosophy. With our best products and service, Anji can develop a credible relationship with customers both at home and abroad. Together we can create a brilliant future!



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