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Molecular structure: 

Basic information

Product name:1-methylhomopiperazine

Alias:N-Methylhomopiperazine; 1,4-Diaza-1-methylcycloheptane; 1-methyl-1,4-diazepane
CAS No.:4318-37-0
Molecular formula:C6H14N2
Molecular weight:114.1888
Physical property data
1. Appearance: colorless or light yellow liquid
2. Density: 0.92
3. Boiling point (ºC): 164
4. Flash point (ºC): 45
Storage method
Sealed tightly, Placed in ventilated, dark and dry place

Uses: intermediate of Emedastine difumarate

Packing: 1kg/ Fluorinated Bottle, or following your demands.

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